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Going to the Dogs

Think you know your animal friends?  Louise Heydt did too.  Then she met Laura Stinchfield, who calls herself The Pet Psychic, and her world became enriched in ways she never knew were possible.  You will meet Kundun, selfless, big-hearted pit bull-greyhound rescue, Genji, a spirited Paso Fino gelding, rambunctious Rasa and shy, abused Tara, Catahoula Leopard Hound sisters who tell their stories in their own words with the help of animal communicator, Laura, and their mom, Louise.
The journey begins with a move from the wilds of northern New Mexico to the Ojai Valley in California.  Experience this family’s joy, pain, love, loss and the author’s odyssey of caring for them as all age and confront their limitations, traumas, hopes, dreams and absolute devotion to each other.  You will cry.  You will laugh.  And you will never think about animals in the same way again.  The sudden illness and untimely death of a member of this animal family leads to conversations on the Other Side and introduces the reader to an alternate reality so surprising that it may completely change whatever one believes Heaven is.
Going to the Dogs is published by Sunstone Press
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